Natural Resource Inventories (NRI) Environmental Resource Inventories

Reservations and Parkland – Series of twelve inventories detailing: history, geology, soils, surface hydrology, vegetation, wildlife habitat, land use, map work and text.
– Essex County, NJ.

NRI/Wildlife Section – Assign habitat status to fauna list (mammals, reptiles, amphibians), revise alpha coding system for individual species niches.
– Frelinghuysen Township, NJ.

Natural Resource Inventory – Environmental Characteristics Section of the Master Plan.
– Andover Township, NJ.

Natural Resource Inventory – Environmental Characteristics Section of the Master Plan.
– Alexandria Township, NJ.

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) Assessments

Environmental Impact Statement – 100 acre residential subdivision with mitigation techniques designed to protect groundwater supplies.
– Frelinghuysen, NJ.

Environmental Assessment and Expert Testimony – Impact of 28 acre subdivision storm water management plans on water quality and wetlands.
– Blairstown, NJ.

Environmental Impact Statement – 36 acre residential subdivision with flood hazard testimony Delaware River.
– Knowlton, NJ.

Environmental Assessment – Urban Parks and Recreation and Recovery (UPARR) program grant, four urban parks, ball field and parking rehabilitation.
– Essex County, NJ.

Environmental Assessments – Pond Rehabilitation dredging and shore stabilization NJDEP/HUD Grants.
– Irvington and Orange Pond, NJ.

Environmental Assessments – Stream Stabilization Second River & Toneys Brook.
– Watsessing Park, NJ.

Environmental Assessments – Equestrian Center impact of riding facility on deer paddock area.
– South Mountain Reservation, NJ.

Environmental Impact Statement – USEPA / NJDEP Sect. 314 Grant Clean Water Act, Green Acres Match.
– Weequahic Lake, NJ.

Master Planning

Hill Top Development Plan – Map work and supporting text including; vegetation, wildlife habitat, geology, soils and environmentally sensitive areas.
– West Caldwell, Essex County, NJ.

Open Space Master Plan – Plan locations of 20 future acquisition sites, map work with overlays, and text on proposed sites.
– Essex County Park System, NJ.

Land Use Planning

Residential Subdivision Planning 25 acre mini estate development including: constraint mapping (slope, wetlands, surface water, seasonal high water table), soil/site evaluation, and permeability testing complete Environmental Impact Statement for planning board review.
– Andover Township, NJ.

Local Planning Requirements – Green Acres Program NJDEP inventory map work at 1:24,000, acetate overlays of entire county. Phase I. 1. Surface water, 2. Floodplains, 3. Wetlands, 4. Public open space and Phase II, 1. Slope, 2. Forested areas, 3. Wildlife habitat (endangered, threatened, critical), 4. Population centers.
– Essex County, NJ.

Standard Construction Recommendations – Develop set of standard construction conditions designed to minimize adverse environmental impact of development within County Park System.

Environmental Monitoring Program and Revegetation Plans – Mitigation techniques for construction impacting parklands.
– Essex County, NJ.

Wildlife Planting Plan and Park System Habitat Improvement Plan – Management practices for Essex County Parks Department.

Wetlands Development

Wetland Determination USACE Level I report with map work including surface water, slopes, hydric soils, drainage hydrology, and wetlands.
– Tobyhanna, PA.

Wetland Determination for Regulatory Purposes – Significantly altered conditions residential use.
– Blairstown, NJ.

Wetland Determination USEPA – (routine/off site) golf course.
– Wantage, NJ.

Wetland Determination – Stream crossing commercial greenhouse.
– Fredon, NJ.

Environmental Statement and Field Survey – Include identification of endangered species habitat, location of wetlands suitable for land trade USACE and NJDEP as part of Green Acres Grant application for wetlands acquisition.
– Caldwell Airport, Essex County Improvement Authority, NJ

Wetland Mitigation Program – Develop alternative mitigation strategies, for use under NJDEP wetland permit program, with the Passaic River Coalition.

Oral Testimony and Written Report – Subcommittee on Natural Resources, N.J. State Senate (Ogden Bill), provide committee with testimony and report supporting what was to become N.J.S.A. 13:9 B 1 el.seq. The Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act.

Site Evaluation for Subsurface Sewerage Disposal System – Soil analysis and flagging of adjacent wetlands for proposed 64 bed Residential Health Care facility.
– Washington Township, NJ.

NJDEP Wetland Delineations -Transition Area Waivers, General Permits, Exemptions, and Wetland OSI & Reports completed with State approvals – throughout the North Jersey.

Project Review Impact

Livingston Industrial Park Development – Land use impact on adjacent lands – Opinion with conditions for maintaining runoff quality and quantity.

Industrial Parkway Extension – Roadway impact report to USACE with justification and request for public hearing.
– Roseland, NJ.

Caldwell Sewerage Treatment Plant Expansion – Impact on parkland and wetland to USACE opposing expansion of facility into West Essex Park, NJ.

Eisenhower Parkway Extension – Inventory for NJDOT, include data on geology, soils and wetlands.

Eagle Rock Casino – Geologic data to Essex County Park Department Engineering development of potable water and sewerage facilities for historic casino rehabilitation.

Federal/State Grant Applications

Natural Endowment for Soil and Water Conservation – Lake shore line protection grant for Weequahic Lake, NJ.

U.S. Department of Energy – Apply and receive grant, develop working solar demonstration model.

Clean Lakes (Sect. 314 PL92500) Phase I Grant – USEPA / NJDEP Diagnostic/Feasibility Study apply, receive, and act as Grant Manager.
– Weequahic Lake, NJ.

Green Acres Grants – NJDEP complete for: Long Meadows acquisition wetlands (Passaic River Flood Plan) – Turtle Back Zoo, Black Bear Exhibit, and establish indigenous wildlife display.

NJDEP OES Grants – Acquire the following grants: 1) Critical Geologic Features (NRI), 2) Groundwater Education, 3) Nonpoint Source Pollution Education, 4) Cultural / Historic Inventory and Stream Corridors Resources (NRI), 5) Groundwater Recharge Inventory (NRI),6) Watershed Monitoring /Education, 7) Macro invertebrate Monitoring Grants Green Township, NJ.

Environmental Surveys

Worker and Community Right to Know Act – Work place hazardous substance:

Environmental Survey – Part I and II NJDEP

Emergency Service – Information Survey

Work Place Survey – N.J. Department of Health, Completed for Essex County Water Quality Control, Laboratory facility.

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Coordinator – Development of Emergency Management Plans, receive and review R.T.K. Surveys for township SIC facilities.
– Lafayette Township, NJ.

Lake Rehabilitation Management

Water Quality Control Laboratory – Manage total operation, institute USEPA / NJDEP " StoRet " computer system, develop membership in State Wide Ambient Water Quality Monitoring Network, analyze Essex County surface water, brine and cooling tower analysis at indoor ice rinks and USDOA marine mammal testing at County Zoo.
– South Orange, NJ.

Comprehensive Lake Rehabilitation Report – Alternative techniques and recommendations, include construction monitoring and fish salvage program.
– Branch Brook Lake, NJ.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Work Plan – Develop surface water monitoring program under USEPA methods.
– Verona Lake, NJ.

Diagnostic/Feasibility Study – Bathymetric/watershed survey, storm sewer system inventory (dye testing), water quality monitoring program, Clean Lakes Program grant management.
– Weequahic Lake, NJ.

Fisheries/Aquatic Management – Seining Studies, Clarks Pond and Orange Pond, NJ Fish Salvage Program, develop and implement under NJDEP specifications for Irvington Pond, Orange Pond, Branch Brook Lake, NJ Exotic Position Paper, grass carp to control aquatic vegetation.
– Essex County, NJ.

Environmental Education

“NRI/ERI Planning Process” Course – Held at Essex County Center for Environmental Studies, designed for Planning/Zoning Boards.

“Urban Ecology” High School Program – Teach course as part of Weequahic Park Model Master Plan. Include importance of environmental land use constraints as part of planning process (field trip with soil, water, aquatic organism sampling).

“Where to Go” Booklet – Public information/promotion provide park system map work, land and water acreage, format change and environmental data (geology, soils, vegetation).

“Planning the Ideal Community” – Program panelist for course developed as part of Land Use Planning Week Essex County Convocation for Gifted & Talented Children.

“NRI A Teaching Tool” -Workshop conducted as part of Naturalist Day annual meeting of state park naturalists at Center for Environmental Studies, Roseland, NJ.

Student Intern Program develop and implement program with Bloomfield College, Biology Department, for Essex County Water Quality Control Laboratory.

Pesticide Management

Pesticide Management Program – Including report on current and proposed usage, storage, labeling, application, disposal and alternatives for Turtle Back Zoo, Center for Environmental Studies, Park Landscape Management (public golf courses).

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