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17 Indian Terrace
Lafayette, NJ 07848


Rowan University
B.A. Science Education

Seton Hall University
M.S. Biology


ECO Systems Environmental Consulting

1986 Present

  • Develop State and Federal Grant Applications and complete NRI Reports with map work at municipal level. Conduct local government and public environmental education programs under NJDEP Grants.
  • Develop Environmental Impact Statements for residential subdivisions, including inventory and alternatives. Responsible for the validity of data collection, analysis performed, and reports produced.
  • Provide Expert Testimony and develop Environmental Assessments involving the impact of development on water quality and wetlands.
  • Coordinate Environmental planning to assure compliance with government regulations through best management practices and sound land use mitigation techniques.

Registered Environmental Health Specialist
Warren County Dept. of Health

1993 – 2008

Sussex County Dept. of Health

1987 – 1989

  • Certified “Right To Know” Trainer, NJDOH Hygiene Program.
  • Monitor surface and groundwater quality. Review lab results for compliance with state standards.
  • Perform soil logs, site evaluations and field investigations to ensure adequate on site subsurface disposal systems. Develop homeowner’s public education pamphlet.
  • Prepare reports under N.J. State laws and codes.

Environmental Specialist / Supervisor
Essex County Department of Parks

1977 – 1987

Division of Environmental Science  
  • Direct Office of Resource Management and Water Quality Control Laboratory.
  • Prepare series of Natural Resource Inventories (NRI) for county park system (history, geology, soils, vegetation, wildlife habitat, hydrology, land use).
  • Develop Environmental Assessments and Impact Statements (EIS) for proposed park development plans and state/federal grant applications.
  • Implement “StoRet” computer program for water quality data as part of State Wide Ambient Water Quality Monitoring Network through NJDEP USEPA.
  • Conduct review and develop County Master Plans, including standard construction recommendations and environmental monitoring program.
  • Complete “Local Planning Requirements” for NJDEP Green Acres Section, inventorying county surface water, flood plain, wetland, public open space, slope, and population centers.

Senior Environmental Specialist/Project Manager
N.J. State Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)
Division of Coastal Resources

1974 – 1977

  • Coordinate interdisciplinary team and evaluate Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for facilities (residential, commercial, industrial uses) in New Jersey coastal region.
  • Prepare State Opinions and Analysis Reports providing background for guiding NJDEP policy in issuing permits for future development.
  • Conduct Public Hearings (Hearing Officer) and incorporate comments in plan review process to meet the requirements of State/Federal Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA).
  • Analyze land use constraint data and infra red aerial photography for use in planning process.
  • Conduct on site field inspections in conjunction with development of final land use management decisions.

Irvington Department of Health & Environmental Control

1972 – 1974

  • Monitor surface water quality (sampling program) of local watershed.
  • Conduct field inspections and prepared reports under N.J. State Laws and Codes.
  • Coordinate work with Suburban Air Pollution Commission and perform lead control program using gamma ray absorption technology.

Science Teacher
South Plainfield High School – Head Biology Club

1967 – 1968

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  • Wetland Inspections
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Land Use Reports
  • State & Local Permits
  • Natural Resource Inventories
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